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When a baby is brought home from the maternity hospital, it is so defenseless, small and fragile, that it is terrible for young parents to touch it once again

When a baby is brought home from the maternity hospital, it is so defenseless, small and fragile, that it is terrible for young parents to touch it once again. But it is necessary to feed him, clothe him, treat him (if necessary) and, of course, put him to bed in such a way that he feels comfortable and calm.

World eyes crumbs

In order to understand their child and realize that he needs, parents must learn to look at the world in a completely different way - through the eyes of their children.

Scarce in one moment left a warm and comfortable for his mother's tummy, in which he was accustomed and cramped. And suddenly, absolutely not expecting anything more, he feels that some kind of incomprehensible force pushes him somewhere, where it is too light, cold and a lot of noise. Around the crumbs of incomprehensible huge creatures, which he can not yet consider, because the visual acuity at first is absent. In this situation, the baby is unclear, not the way it was before. And the newborn gets scared.

It’s good that the baby has innate reflexes from nature that can tell him what to do. And yet, in order for him to easily fall asleep, his parents need to somehow calm him down, so that the baby shouts less and that the parents spend as little nerve cells as possible.

We put the newborn to sleep. Useful tips for parents

There are some simple ways that make it easier to sleep a little goat. Of course, all this is a bit average, because some kids may have their own "sekretiki". But for most kids, these methods will help.

1. Talk to me, mom

It is clear that any baby is soothed by the voice of mom and dad. However, when adults try to put him to bed, one should speak in a quiet, even, monotonous voice. So the baby will understand that the closest person to him is that everything is in order. Some parents are sure that only a born baby still does not understand anything. But this is not true: from the first moment the baby is already attached to his own people and is able to recognize familiar voices.

2. We will do the same thing every day

Mom absolutely does not need to constantly “reinvent the wheel” - putting the baby on the sofa, in the crib, carrying her hands ... The little ones are big conservatives, they need order and monotony. If mother is sure that the child from the first days should sleep only in her bed, then this is the way to do it. If the mother is sure that the crumbs will be best in her arms, it should be rocked on her hands.

3. Required air temperature

Parents should control the cool temperature (this is how it should be in the room in which the baby sleeps), because thanks to the influx of air the baby will not be capricious. The temperature should not exceed 22 ° C. The greener the conditions, the worse the immunity of the baby.

4. If the baby sleeps during the day, but does not want it at night

It happens in many families. A crumb can sleep in the daytime, and at night he will be more active than ever. In this situation, it is the parents who should plan all daytime in such a way that the little tot will get the most impressions by day, then by night he will be tired and fall asleep. The rule should be: in the afternoon - games and other fun (you can massage the baby, sing songs and tell rhymes to it, change clothes more often, show different objects and books, walk around, wear around the room), at night - quiet sleep.

5. Specific time to sleep

A small person is also a self-sufficient person. And parents should remember this. Especially when they are trying to reverse his will and put him to bed strictly by the hour. If the baby is really tired, it can be understood immediately.

6. Tasty milk

The most tasty and best food for babies is the milk of his mother. First, it instantly quenches the sucking reflex. Secondly, the baby after a warm milk wants to sleep. Many doctors believe that the baby should not fall asleep at her mother's breast, but understand that this is only food. But if the pussy quietly falls asleep that way - that's great.

7. Teat - take it or not?

As a rule, tots refer to the nipple with interest, because she, like her mother's breast, makes it possible to satisfy the need for sucking and helps babies to calm down. If you also wear the baby in your arms, shaking it, then he falls asleep very quickly. Moreover, the nipples are better to buy the most ordinary, classic ones, without giving in to advertising about “orthodontic” nipples, which are designed to help the formation of a proper bite from birth.

8. Is swaddling worse or not?

Modern parents believe that tight swaddling is a relic of the past that is now unnecessary. But they are wrong. While the baby is at mom's tummy, he is used to some cramped, it is so convenient for him. Therefore, swaddling will be an incentive to calm it down and help you to fall asleep. When the baby grows up a bit and learns to fall asleep on its own, swaddling can be postponed.

Important! If the diaper is too tight, you may have problems with blood circulation and breathing, you can cause injury and the gentle bones of the toddler.

By the way, one of the causes of dysplasia of the hip joint may be excessive mother's diligence during the wrapping of her baby.

9. Fun bathing

Before you put the baby to sleep in the evening, you need to buy it. The first days he may cry, not knowing what they are doing to him. But then he will get used and he will really like swimming. To make it easier for the baby to fall asleep, you can add only one drop of lavender oil in the bath (the work of the nervous system of the toddler slows down a bit and it starts to yawn).

10. Oh, those colic!

Almost 80% of babies have colic as a huge problem. A child can scream and cry just because it hurts. To save him from this condition, it is necessary to put something lukewarm on the tum, and even better, when the mother presses the baby to her belly. You can wear a crumb, which is in an upright position, so that unwanted air “belches” out of the ventricle. You can give the toddler a sweet “Bobotik” solution, after which it will quickly calm down.

Important! Such activities are intended only to alleviate the condition of the crumbs. It’s impossible to get rid of them completely, because colic occurs because the baby’s intestines and stomach are not perfect yet. The colic itself will pass after three months.

11. Best sleep - with mom!

If the family is tired of the constant night of children crying, then the ideal solution to this problem would be the joint sleep of the mother and the newborn. So the baby will calm down very quickly and he will have no reason to cry. A cry is only a desire of the child to see the parents or something to tell them, but not to annoy them at all. And so, when my mother is around all night, the baby is calm.

How to put a newborn to sleep correctly?

If the crumb can fall asleep without motion sickness, then you should not accustom him to it. Mom can sit next to the bed for a few minutes until he falls asleep. As a rule, babies, until they have reached the age of seven to ten months, fall asleep solely on their hands. This is completely normal. Do not deny this to the child, because in this wonderful period of newborn, which will never happen again, he so desperately needs a mother.

Many pediatricians are opposed to the mother putting the newborn next to her bed to sleep, citing the fact that, having fallen asleep, the mother can simply unnoticeably pin down the toddler. Therefore, they advise mothers not to risk the lives of their children. It is necessary to put the baby to sleep as far as possible from batteries, stoves and other heating devices. And it's not only that, having stretched arms and legs, he can get burned badly, but also because of overheating and discomfort before falling asleep, the baby can be capricious.

We put to sleep newborn babies. What to choose poses to sleep?

It is very important in what position the baby will sleep, because while he spends most of his life in a dream. What will be the most convenient for the baby?

1. On the side

This is the most "scary" posture, which insists doctors in maternity hospitals and pediatricians. Since after feeding the baby can burp abundantly, it is better that at least the first time he sleeps just so as not to choke.

2. The semi-sided

This posture is even better than the first. It is useful to those peanuts, which often have colic or often regurgitate. And so - Gazika will depart much better. Crumbs should be periodically turned from side to side to avoid crookedness.

3. On the back

This position is useful (it is natural for a baby), and dangerous (in a dream a baby can choke with the masses, which he belches). Therefore, if the baby likes to fall asleep in this way, the head should be slightly turned to the side and fixed with a small roller from a diaper or towel. If the baby has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia, if he has frequent colic or hypertonicity of the muscles, pediatricians do not recommend this position for sleeping.

4. On the tummy

Such a posture is preventive: the digestive system works better, gaziki are better off; protects against infant mortality syndrome (one of the reasons for which is still the same probable danger of choking after regurgitation). In parallel with this, if the baby sleeps in this way, his muscles, bones of the neck and back are gradually strengthened. After a while it will be much easier for him than for his peers to keep his head.

In the case when such an pose is convenient for an toddler, parents should observe some safety rules:

- the mattress should be hard, and ideally - orthopedic;

- it is not necessary to make a bed with bedcloth sheets;

- the baby should sleep without a pillow;

- the necessary crumbs toys would be more correct to hang over his bed.

But even observing all the safety rules, it is better to look after the baby when he sleeps on the tummy.

5. Embryo pose

Mom can pay attention to the fact that the baby sleeps 4-5 weeks in a row, pulling the legs up to the tummy, and presses the arms to her chest. This may indicate the presence of hypertonicity (muscle overvoltage). But if then the baby easily straightens up and sleeps in any other postures, you should not worry.

Important information for parents! In whatever position the crumb falls asleep, it must be turned over to the other side or the position of its body must be changed in order to avoid tissue edema, muscle and vein squeezing and some deformity of the skeleton, which has not yet settled.

A source: zhenskoe-mnenie.ru

What to choose poses to sleep?
7. Teat - take it or not?
8. Is swaddling worse or not?
How to put a newborn to sleep correctly?
What to choose poses to sleep?
What will be the most convenient for the baby?

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