Body aches and weakness without fever - causes and treatment

  1. Gestation period
  2. What the accompanying symptoms may indicate
  3. Weakness
  4. Cough
  5. Headache
  6. Nausea, diarrhea and morning sickness in the body
  7. What is indicated by the localization of pain
  8. Treatment of aches in the bones that occur without temperature changes

If a person has broken bones, there is no temperature, weakness - these signs may indicate the presence of many diseases, pathologies and other problems requiring the help of a doctor. In this case, the ache extends to skeletal tissue, without affecting the internal organs. Discomfort is felt in the bones, joints of the upper and lower extremities, as well as the back. Very often, these symptoms are accompanied by cough, weakness, vomiting or diarrhea and sore throat. If a person has broken bones, there is no temperature, weakness - these signs may indicate the presence of many diseases, pathologies and other problems requiring the help of a doctor

Causes of ailments without fever (photo: medportal.net)

It is extremely difficult to determine the exact reason that a person feels general malaise and weakness without fever. It is recommended to visit a doctor if you have these symptoms, as they may indicate serious illnesses or problems that can be easily resolved with proper treatment.

Possible causes of bone pain and weakness in the absence of fever:

  • strong physical exertion;
  • mechanical injuries, blows, bruises;
  • inflammatory processes caused by diseases such as tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia;
  • a group of diseases developing due to tick lesions;
  • blood diseases;
  • malignant tumors;
  • joint diseases;
  • immunodeficiency, which arose as a result of stress, drug overdose, or HIV infection;
  • endocrine system diseases;
  • vasculitis;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • parasitic diseases.

Gestation period

Unwell during pregnancy (photo: www.7ya.ru)

Very often one can observe body aches and weakness without fever in pregnant women. These symptoms indicate the beginning of the development of a cold, in which viruses and infections penetrate the body of the expectant mother and influence the development of the fetus by acting on it through the placenta.

Treatment of colds, in which pregnant women have a sore throat and cough, but no fever, is recommended by the following methods:

  • inhalations, warming up, plentiful warm drink;
  • the use of traditional medicine safe for the fetus;
  • use of vitamins and mineral supplements after consulting a doctor.

Especially dangerous is the state of discomfort of the muscles and joints at the beginning of a child. As a rule, it signals the risk of fetal development disorders, and in some cases, spontaneous abortion. Therefore, pregnant women who can break bones, but the body temperature is lowered, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Pregnancy that proceeds without a cold, but with a feeling of aching bones and general weakness may indicate the presence of gynecological or inflammatory diseases.

Weakness and body aches in the late lines of pregnancy most often occur for several reasons:

  • the presence of vascular disorders, in which the pressure vessels of the growing abdomen are compressed. The sensation of aches occurs in the legs and lumbar region. In this case, to reduce pain, it is recommended to use a special antenatal bandage and wear shoes without heels;
  • a specific state of the body during pregnancy, occurring against the background of an increase in the level of relaxin, a hormone responsible for the ability to break up bones and stretch ligaments. In this case, the ache is felt in the legs, pelvis and lumbar region.

In addition to the above reasons, the feeling of aches and weakness can occur against the background of other diseases that are not related to the appearance of pregnancy.

What the accompanying symptoms may indicate

Related manifestations (photo: bolitgolova.net)

If there is bone loss without a temperature in an adult or a child in combination with some symptoms, it is possible to roughly determine the cause of this phenomenon.


Weakness is manifested by numbness of the whole body or certain muscle groups, fatigue, a decline in mental and physical strength, and a general deterioration of the state of the body. And also there is discomfort in the joints and bones with the fact that there is no temperature.

The causes of this phenomenon, most often, are the following problems:

  • astheno-neurotic syndrome, accompanied by overwork of a person or prolonged stress;
  • mild poisoning with intoxication;
  • immunodeficiency, which is accompanied by fatigue, sleep problems;
  • a sharp decrease or increase in blood pressure;
  • inflammatory process with the addition of infection;
  • malignant tumors;
  • blood diseases.


Coughing as an additional symptom of body aches without a cold can indicate heart problems, even severe pathologies. Therefore, in this case it is necessary to undergo an examination, especially if unpleasant symptoms are observed against the background of pain in the region of the heart.

In some cases, cough indicates colds or respiratory infections, very often with additional symptoms - sore throat and headache. A sore throat without fever, a cough, and a state of weakness may be signs of the following ailments:

  • bronchitis;
  • laryngitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • pneumonia.

A sore throat and cough in combination with body discomfort - these symptoms almost always occur in the early stages of an acute respiratory viral infection or flu.


Full body aches, low fever and headache can occur in the presence of severe pathologies and diseases. Among them are the most common:

  • mental and nervous system disorders;
  • infectious and catarrhal diseases;
  • parasitic invasions;
  • intoxication of the body due to food, toxic and chemical poisoning;
  • oncological diseases;
  • immunodeficiency.

Headache combined with general discomfort of the skeletal system can pose a significant threat to a person’s life. To get rid of these symptoms and their causes, you should consult a specialist.

Nausea, diarrhea and morning sickness in the body

Nausea and vomiting, accompanied by discomfort in the body, at which a low temperature is observed, indicate the presence of inflammatory-infectious diseases or problems in the digestive processes, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The following diseases or conditions can cause these symptoms:

  • gastritis, cholecystitis, appendicitis;
  • pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis, intestinal obstruction, etc.

Diarrhea on the background of general weakness and aching pain in bones and joints, despite the fact that there is no temperature, requires urgent consultation with a doctor. Such signs signal the presence of poisoning, botulism, intestinal flu, or the initial stage of viral diseases such as SARS, etc.

The loss of bones in the morning indicates an overstrain of a physical nature that has occurred to a person on the eve of a deterioration in well-being. Very often the cause of these symptoms are chronic diseases and pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.

What is indicated by the localization of pain

Localization of pain (photo: www.aif.ru)

Pain in the muscles and bones throughout the body or in certain places occur after sprains, injuries, blowing through or overstressing. In this case, a person has a low temperature. Often, inflammation of muscle fibers occurs due to joint pathologies, poisoning or as a result of overdose with some pharmaceutical preparations, in particular vitamin-mineral complexes. The development of this phenomenon contributes to the lack of calcium and potassium in the body.

Low body temperature, weakness and mild pain in the bones, joints and muscles of the hands indicates a stretching of the muscles or dislocations of the joints due to injuries, occupational pathologies. It is possible that the pain is transmitted from the spinal column to the arm, subject to the presence of a hernia of intervertebral discs.

Against the background of general weakness, the joints themselves can hurt. This condition is also dangerous, because it can be accompanied by a number of diseases and problems of varying severity:

  • rheumatism, arthritis, inflammation of the periarticular bag (bursitis);
  • bone tuberculosis, gout, fibromyalgia;
  • contusion or dislocation of the joint, fasciitis;
  • pinching nerves of different localization;
  • excessive heavy body weight, when all the load goes to the knee joints;
  • systemic lupus erythematosus, depression and stress.

Treatment of aches in the bones that occur without temperature changes

Treatment of bone aches (photo: www.aif.ru)

As a rule, the treatment of the feeling of aches in the bones without raising the temperature is carried out on the basis of identifying the associated symptoms, conducting additional laboratory tests, instrumental examinations and visual examination. The patient is prescribed various pharmaceutical preparations, which will reduce the discomfort and pain in conjunction with the means that help relieve the accompanying symptoms, such as cough or headache. For example, one of these medicines is Nimesil, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

If a patient has a sore throat or a strong cough in combination with general weakness and lack of fever, the doctor will conduct a visual examination. It will also conduct the necessary tests and prescribe the appropriate treatment with cough, antiviral or anti-infective drugs, depending on the individual situation.

In addition to drug therapy, the following methods of treatment are used, which are applied in a particular case:

  • surgical intervention;
  • yoga;
  • massotherapy;
  • antidepressants;
  • reflexology.

At home, you can apply a variety of ointments, gels for warming (Dolobene, Deep Relief, Kapsikam, Traumel, etc.), compresses and dressings that can not be used at elevated temperatures.


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