How is cat allergy manifested in children: signs, symptoms and treatment

  1. What exactly causes the reaction?
  2. The reasons
  3. Can there be hairless animals?
  4. Symptoms and signs
  5. What is accompanied by?
  6. Diagnostics
  7. Treatment
  8. Drugs
  9. Folk remedies
  10. Do I need to get rid of a pet?

Due to the presence of a cat in the house a child may be allergic. The main reason is a weakened immunity , but in addition there are many factors that lead to the appearance and development of the disease.

To help your baby, you need to study the disease and how to solve the problem. About how allergic to cats in children, we will tell in the article.

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What exactly causes the reaction?

What exactly causes the reaction

Causes allergies cat fur .

If the child touched the animal, held it in its arms, the illness will manifest itself within a few hours after contact with the cat.

Pet's saliva, skin and urine contain a special protein, and it causes irritation of the skin, mucous membranes, being an allergen.

Wool accumulates protein, so after touching the animal, a reaction occurs.

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The reasons

In addition, there are additional factors that are the causes of the disease:

  1. Reduced immunity.
  2. Genetic predisposition.
  3. Increased sensitivity of the skin.
  4. Dust that accumulates in the fur of an animal.

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Can there be hairless animals?

Can there be hairless animals

Allergies can occur both on cats with wool, and without it.

As mentioned above, the main cause of allergy is not animal hair, but protein, which is secreted by the cat's body .

It can accumulate in hairless cats on the skin. If you stroke this animal, the allergen will fall on the skin of the child, which will cause allergies.

Absolute any cat breed can cause this reaction. If a child is allergic to a cat, you should never keep her in the house, so as not to provoke an exacerbation of the disease.

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Symptoms and signs

How does cat allergy manifest in children? Certain symptoms help to identify the disease :

  • redness of the skin, mucous membranes;
  • the child starts sneezing if there is a cat in the room;
  • if the baby stroked the cat, his skin begins to itch, swell. Possible rash. Spots can be both small and large. As the disease progresses, they increase, become bright red;
  • in a room with a cat, a child has severe shortness of breath, cough;
  • runny nose Abundant nasal discharge possible.

Concomitant signs of manifestation are : dizziness, fever, weakness, indigestion. The kid becomes whiny. The longer the contact with the cat, the more pronounced the allergy.

A photo:

A photo:

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What is accompanied by?

In a child, allergies are accompanied by disturbed sleep, appetite, and aggressiveness. The baby often cries, feels weak. With severe allergies , angioedema may occur , anaphylactic shock , nasal congestion.

In case of anaphylactic shock, only an ambulance doctor can help the baby, since pharmaceutical preparations are powerless, and a therapeutic injection is needed.

Monitor the condition of the baby should be very carefully. If the baby is choking, there is a strong swelling, it is necessary to call an ambulance.

If you are allergic to cats, this reaction may occur to other animals: hamsters, dogs, rabbits. The protein excreted by the body of these animals is similar, and dust can accumulate in their hair, so that an allergy to the child will arise quickly. Symptoms are identical.

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How to identify allergies to cats in a child? The disease is diagnosed in the hospital by allergists.

Independent diagnosis is not possible , as the symptoms of allergy are similar to other skin diseases.

In the hospital for the diagnosis of allergy are used:

  1. Blood test.
  2. Analysis of urine.
  3. Skin biopsy.
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You can cure a child with medicines and folk remedies .

It is necessary to apply them in strictly recommended doses to avoid complications and overdose.


Doctors prescribe to children if they are allergic to cats drugs that relieve itching, skin redness, swelling of the mucous membranes :

  • Zyrtec;
  • Zodak;
  • Claritin.

Zyrtec;   Zodak;   Claritin

The child should be given half a tablet of one of the drugs twice a day.

Take the remedy only the first five days to avoid complications due to overdose.

According to allergologists, it is necessary to use ointments to combat rash:

  • Bepanten;
  • Advantan;
  • La Cree.

Means is applied in the morning and evening, it is applied with a thin layer on the skin , gently massaging.

Recommendations Pediatricians for treating diaper allergies in babies can be found on our website.

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Folk remedies

  1. Helps to recover motherwort . For this, a tablespoon of crushed plants is poured with a glass of boiling water and infused for two hours. Next, the tool is filtered. They gargle up to five times a day. This will help relieve puffiness of the mucous membranes, eliminate cough.
  2. Eliminate itching and redness of the aloe skin . To do this, the aloe leaf is washed, cut lengthwise and applied to the sore spot for ten minutes, then the aloe is removed, and the skin is lightly rubbed with a napkin. The procedure is performed twice a day.
  3. Effective in the fight against allergies dandelion grass . Fresh plant is passed through a meat grinder, squeezed juice. It must be diluted by half with water. The resulting mixture is put on a slow fire, brought to a boil. Then it must be removed from the heat, cool. Take the medicine one teaspoon 2-3 times a day shortly before meals.
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Do I need to get rid of a pet?

A child is allergic to a cat: what to do? If you are allergic to a cat, you will have to get rid of the animal in the house, otherwise the illness will take a severe form, Quincke’s edema will appear, and this is a serious danger to the child’s health.

As long as the cat is in the house, the baby will be in contact with the animal, which means that the allergy will become chronic.

Allergists recommend to protect the child from cats, so that he soon recovered, repeated exacerbations of the disease did not occur. Get rid of the cat is necessary for the health of the child .

Thus, allergy to cats in children occurs quite often, accompanied by unpleasant symptoms.

Thus, allergy to cats in children occurs quite often, accompanied by unpleasant symptoms

To cure a child, it is recommended to consult with an allergist, to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Both pharmacy and folk remedies can help the baby.

The sooner the treatment is started, the faster the child will recover, it will be possible to avoid complications .

You can learn about whether you need to get rid of the cat in the house, if your child is allergic, from the video:

What exactly causes the reaction?
How does milk allergy manifest in children?
What exactly causes the reaction?
Can there be hairless animals?
A child is allergic to a cat: what to do?

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