How to dive into the water with his head in the pool or at sea.

  1. Nose training
  2. Exercise "Arrow"
  3. Mini jump in water
  4. Jumping from the edge of the pool from a sitting position
  5. Jumping from the edge of the pool and from the bedside table from the classic position
  6. Take care of yourself! How to dive into the water.

Before you learn how to dive into the water, practice your nose, because when jumping into the water, water can get into the nose and cause very unpleasant sensations in the nasopharynx.

What to do? I showed the necessary exercise in my breaststroke course . Today I will show it in more detail.

Nose training

Starting position: standing waist-deep in water. We inhale with the mouth and gently squat headlong under the water, immediately starting to exhale with the nose and mouth.

An important point: exhalation through the nose must begin before the person is immersed in water!

Count up to three under the water and begin to gently rise. Continue to exhale while lifting to the surface. So you protect your nose from water.

First, do the exercise slowly, and then on the jumps. Once you have mastered it, go to the next one.

Why not learn to jump into the water from the side and nightstands?

If you still do not know how to dive, then you do not learn to immediately jump from the side or bedside tables, because you can roll over onto your back, fall on the water with your stomach, chest, hit the internal organs, and it happens - and damage. Another option - "stick" head into the bottom of the pool.

To avoid this, learn first to jump in the water, standing in it to the waist.

Exercise "Arrow"

Immediately before jumping learn to do the exercise "Arrow" .

Starting position: arms extended forward, lying on the water. Inhale, we put our face into the water, immediately doing a gentle slack with the nose and mouth. As soon as you lay down your chest and face on the water, pull the other foot up to the side and push off with both feet.

Your whole body at the time of sliding in the water should be located as horizontally as possible: the head is between the hands, and the face is looking strictly down, in no case forward!

If there is no side behind the back, then you need to push off your feet from the bottom, while the entire sequence of movements is the same as in the pool.

If there is no side behind the back, then you need to push off your feet from the bottom, while the entire sequence of movements is the same as in the pool

Mini jump in water

Once “Strelochka” mastered, go to the mini-jump into the water.

Starting position: standing up to the waist in water, keep your arms extended above the water. Then - inhale with your mouth, a small jump up and, as soon as the body goes under water, quickly pull your legs to the side and push off from it.

Important! At the time of immersion of the face in the water, be sure to sweat your nose with your nose, and press your chin to your chest.

Jumping from the edge of the pool from a sitting position

Stand on the edge of the pool, hook your toes to the edge of the pool, sit down. After that, stretch your arms forward and mentally mark a point in the water (between the hands). Remember it.

After that, inhale, tilt your head and press your chin to your chest, push with your feet.

First, the fingers of the hands must enter the water - precisely at the point you have marked. Next should go head, not chest or abdomen. This is a very important point, so it is so necessary to keep the chin pressed to the chest during a push with the feet and the subsequent sliding. In no case do not look forward to the water and do not forget about the sub-breath with your nose!

The kick should be strong, otherwise you just fall into the water with your belly and chest.

Jumping from the edge of the pool and from the bedside table from the classic position

As soon as the jump from the sitting position began to turn out confidently, gradually rise on your feet and jump from the half-bent legs, straightening them all the more. Gradually, you will come to the position that is considered optimal when jumping into the water:

Hands straightened and pulled back at an angle of about 45 ° relative to the back or arms straightened and lowered down, hold them by the edge of the rim;

The legs are half bent - to calculate this position, lower the arms down and fix the position of the legs as soon as your fingers touch the side.

At the moment of pushing with your feet, you need to sharply throw your hands forward, and place your head between your hands, bending it towards your chest.

When the jump from the side worked out well, go to the jump from the nightstand. The principles of jumping from it are the same as from the side. Just do not strive to immediately jump as beautifully as possible - learn how to jump technically and beauty will come!

The main thing is to enter the water at a tangent, creating as little resistance in the water as possible. Therefore, it is important to keep the body stretched out in the arrow, and the head - between the hands, with the face down and the chin pressed to the chest.

Take care of yourself! How to dive into the water.

The Internet is full of tips on how to learn to dive into the water. You can often read this: "Jump into the water from the run!"

To put it mildly, these people do not really understand diving and they do not care about your health. If you run around the side and jump off the run, you can jump 100 times successfully, and on the 101st slip and hit your head on the edge of the pool. The consequences can be the most sad.

Never jump into the water, if you do not see, do not know the bottom! According to statistics, about 10,000 people every year in Russia become disabled by jumping in an unfamiliar place and hitting their head on invisible objects. It is especially dangerous to dive in water bodies over time: in a few hours, the bottom relief changes, water can bring snags, stones, construction debris, and in the place where you dive yesterday, it will be dangerous today.

Enjoy proper diving and water jumping. And how to dive under the water "little mermaid" or "dolphin", I will tell in my Butterfly course . And on it while I say goodbye, see you, and - be healthy!

And on it while I say goodbye, see you, and - be healthy


Цистит. Женщины, внимание!
Казалось бы, цистит – явление распространенное, ни возрастом, ни полом не ограниченное, встречается этот недуг достаточно часто. Однако женщинам, заболевшим циститом, следует быть особенно внимательными,

Цистит у женщин, причины, симптомы, как проявляется
Цистит у женщин — одно из самых распространенных и самых неприятных заболеваний, которое может сказаться не только на работоспособности и качестве жизни, но и интимных отношениях. Заболевание это мочевыделительной

Первая помощь при цистите у женщин в домашних условиях: рекомендации
Развитию воспалительного процесса в мочевом пузыре всегда сопутствуют неприятные симптомы, на которые сложно не обращать внимания. Постоянное желание сходить в туалет, режущие, жгучие боли в промежности

Лечение цистита народными средствами у женщин
Воспалительный процесс мочевого пузыря может начаться в любом возрасте. С циститом хотя бы раз сталкивалась каждая женщина. Это заболевание очень коварное: если в первый раз болезнь тщательно не вылечить,

Амоксиклав при воспалении почек: показания и форма выпуска
Для лечения различных почечных заболеваний воспалительного характера, которые вызваны патогенными микроорганизмами, используются антибактериальные препараты. Но к некоторым антибиотикам за многие годы

5-НОК инструкция по применению, состав, показания, аналоги и отзывы
Ознакомьтесь с официальной инструкцией по применению препарата 5-НОК в сокращенной версии. В нее включены: состав, действие, противопоказания и показания к применению, аналоги и отзывы. Текст предоставлен

Признаки и лечение цистита у женщин
Хотя бы один раз в жизни каждая женщина встречалась с циститом, а многие страдают от него постоянно. Цистит трудно лечить, еще сложнее вылечить окончательно, но легко диагностировать. Болезнь не «прячется»,

Лечение цистита у женщин азитромицин
Так, которая выделяется в средине процесса мочеиспускания. Почечная регуляция выведения калия из организма зависит от кислотно-щелочного баланса. Диагностическая гистероскопия (с биопсией эндометрия незадолго

Первая помощь при цистите у женщин
Проявления бывают от небольшого жжения во время мочеиспускания до нестерпимых болей внизу живота. В случае выраженной симптоматики, пациенту требуется быстрая помощь при цистите. Обезболивающие препараты,

Таблетки 5-НОК: инструкция по применению, цена, отзывы при цистите. Показания к применению и аналоги на Medside.ru
Состав Одна таблетка препарата 5-НОК включает 50 мг нитроксолина. Дополнительные вещества: моногидрат лактозы, гидрофосфат кальция, кукурузный крахмал, диоксид кремния коллоидный, тальк, повидон


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