How to quit smoking yourself if there is no willpower

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Outside the window, 21st century and a healthy lifestyle have long been firmly established in fashion for progressive people who care about their health, the health of their descendants, and even strive to be fashionable. Perhaps this fashion will not harm anyone. Various centers of aerobics, fitness, and sports dance are rapidly spreading across the expanses of large and small cities.

Many people of different ages, in order to keep their bodies in good shape, most of the time are devoted to practicing “amateur” sports. With good health, if you strengthen and maintain it, you can live a long and fulfilling life cheerfully. But from one sport you will not be healthy if you smoke, use alcohol or drugs.

We all know that cigarettes are damaging to the body, but we continue to smoke (I’m talking about those who are addicted). Some of us have attempted to abandon this addiction, someone can not decide. And those who tried, but they did not succeed, and those who did not try, but want, think that it is impossible to quit smoking, it is even impossible. No one doubts, everyone is sure - difficult and full stop! Let's try to think about why such an opinion.

Who is harder to quit?

Young people who have become accustomed to a cigarette, it is difficult to direct on the path of true persuasion and notations about health Young people who have become accustomed to a cigarette, it is difficult to direct on the path of true persuasion and notations about health. Their health is excellent, so the stories about how the lungs look like in a smoking person do not frighten them. And if you tell them that they are addicted to packs of nicotine, then in response you will hear that everything is under control and you can stop, just do not want to. Often, young people smoke and do not try to quit smoking, except that if there is a huge motivation. But in this case it is difficult to quit smoking on your own, because there is such a factor as friends, colleagues at work, school, spending time with people who smoke. And here it is difficult for a young man to be a “white crow”, it is difficult to resist the friendly “Let's smoke a cigarette”.

Older people are already soberly assess all the harm of nicotine addiction. There are chronic diseases, discomfort, lack of sleep, smoking no longer brings pleasure, as before, and a person begins to think about how to abandon this expensive habit. But here the relationship really gets in the way, because their attitudes about smoking are tough, because most of their life was led by nicotine.

Let us return to the thought already expressed at the beginning of the article: who decided that it is very difficult to quit smoking? It doesn't matter what experience you have with your nicotine, character or mentality - as soon as you realize the essence of your addiction, as soon as a pack of cigarettes loses its meaning for you and becomes an empty place, then it becomes absolutely easy to be smoking!

Do you need willpower to become a non-smoker?

Do you need willpower to become a non-smoker

We start smoking usually in youth. But do you remember that moment, what prompted you to put a cigarette in your mouth, what situation led to it and did it continue, that you continued to smoke for the rest of your life? In fact, a person is quite clear to comprehend the real reasons for his smoking. And willpower has nothing to do with it. If a smoker relies only on his own character and fails, then he perceives everything as his “fragility” and lack of important motivation. That is, in order for you to quit smoking, the career should collapse, someone should die or something else out of the ordinary should happen.

Lack of willpower is not the reason why smokers find it difficult to quit. In fact, the main place is occupied by inconsistency of desires. A person understands that nicotine is expensive and harmful, but at the same time he thinks that nicotine helps to relax or, conversely, to gather, to feel more confident. Therefore, a person chooses a cigarette. This conflict in consciousness is the real question, not physiological dependence, as doctors and pharmacists say (it’s profitable for them to say that, because you’ll run to them for help).

I remember one case from childhood: my grandmother told me how her brother returned home from war to his wife and three-year-old son. Naturally, on the front he was addicted to cigarettes. One day a little boy found a cigarette butt on the ground and, like dad, began to portray that he was smoking. The father took the cigarette butt and sternly told the baby that it was impossible to do this. Then the son asked: "Dad, why you can, but I do not?". My uncle was unable to answer him, but from that day no one else saw him with a cigarette. Do you think it was difficult for this person to quit smoking on his own? I think no, he just realized for himself what was more important for him: the health and respect of his son, or the dubious pleasure of cigarette smoke. Maybe a person suffered for some time, maybe he doubted, but properly placed priorities did not allow him to fail. We will immediately recall a situation in which a person began to smoke: it was the front, fear and stress, and why at home, slowly continue to do what the war did not do to you?

How to quit smoking forever?

How to quit smoking forever

The answer to this question already suggests itself. First, you need to honestly determine the reasons for what you have become a smoker, weigh the pros and cons, really appreciate the harm that you and your family cause to smoke cigarettes, and - quit! Not in words, not auto-suggestion, but really stop buying cigarettes. You shouldn't listen to those who say: “Willpower is needed in order to want to quit smoking, and then everything will work out”! No one person, while using nicotine, will not want to give it up. No books, no pills, no folk remedies, no magicians will help here. First you need to want and stop the flow of this drug to the body, and then there will be a conscious desire not to take it anymore.

If you go to doctors, sorcerers, drink different weed and it doesn’t help you, try to just throw away cigarettes and forget the way to the store, and then, if it morally supports you, start doing distracting maneuvers.

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