Removal of acute pain, the drug dimexide, the drug ketonal, removal of joint inflammation

The article addresses the following questions:

The article addresses the following questions:

Removal of acute pain in the joint, even at home, is quite accessible to everyone. The attack of arthritis comes unexpectedly, often at night. In the morning the pain becomes very strong. Such that already about any campaign for work or performance of housework and speech cannot be.

But you can simply reduce pain, even at home. How to do it?

To relieve acute pain in the home first-aid kit, it is enough to have only 2 medicines: a vial of Dimexide and a vial of ketonal. In a tablespoon is a triad.

To do this, take one-third of water, Dimexidum and ketonal. A compress is prepared from this mixture for the sore joint, is covered with cellophane on top, and a fixing bandage is applied.

The drug dimexide, in addition to having an anti-inflammatory effect itself, in this mixture contributes to a better penetration of ketonal under the skin.

Keep a compress can be no more than 30 minutes. Due to the high activity of Dimexidum , with a longer exposure you can get a burn.

The drug ketonal belongs to the group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The active substance - ketaprofen has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effects. Most importantly, the articular cartilage has no negative effect.

After half an hour of compression, the pain syndrome is reduced to an acceptable level. Although the joint still hurts, but you can already move. What to do next? You can have breakfast.

Naturally, without eating meat and fish. Eat apples during the day and observe diet .

For example, an apple. This fruit reduces the level of uric acid, which is proven in practice.

It is enough to eat one or two apples before lunch, as much after lunch. For dinner - eggplant, boiled potatoes, carrot or cabbage salad and in the evening you will feel relief during the course of the disease.

Cabbage has unique properties in relieving inflammation in the treatment of arthritis and gout. Unlike most other vegetables, during mechanical processing and storage, it does not “lose” vitamin C within a year. Read more about this in the article " Cabbage ".

Doctors strongly recommend drinking 2.5 - 3 liters of water throughout the day. This will speed up the elimination of toxins from the site of inflammation. You can learn more about the benefits of water for the body by going to reference .

Information about cooking lenten dishes can be found in the article " Diet - the path to health ". By the way, it takes less time to prepare them than meat or fish.

Important caution: the inflamed joint cannot be floated - in the bath, in the bathroom, etc. Inflammation can go further.

It is much more useful to immerse a sore spot (part of the body, limb) for a few seconds in the most cold water. Or make it out of the shower. This procedure will increase the blood flow in the tissues around the affected joint, reduce pain and reduce inflammation.

Such temperature effects can be carried out two to three times a day. There is no need to wait for an instant miracle. Your body is not a switch with instant response. But relief will come unequivocally.

An even greater effect will be if you stand for a few seconds under a cold shower or dive for the same time in a bath of cold water. After that, rub the body with a hard towel until it becomes red. This procedure can be performed in the morning and evening.

Doctors warn against taking aspirin - this drug can increase the attack of gout.

To relieve inflammation of the joint and near the articular tissues, put a burdock leaf to the diseased joint at night until the morning. With the surface of the skin, it should touch the back lighter side - the one that in nature is facing the ground. In the morning you will see that the inflammation has begun to partially subside.

The next night, the treatment can be continued The next night, the treatment can be continued. If it is possible to wear a bandage with burdock during the day, use this time. Naturally, for each new bandage on the joint you need to take a fresh sheet.

The course of treatment with burdock to reduce inflammation - 10-14 days. Everything will depend on the severity of your diet, the degree of disease and the condition of your body. In any case, know - ALL IS RIGHT! Your health is in your hands.

At the end of the article, we recall that any serious matter, and the restoration of your health is the most serious matter, you must begin with an appeal to God. And let the information from the section " Prayers to help you "will help you with this.

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