The frog turns ... into a frog!

  1. Very difficult program
  2. All steps are interconnected.
  3. “Change” does not mean “evolve”
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Adrian bates
Translation: Alexey Kalko ( creationist.in.ua )
Translated with permission creation.com

The frog turns into a prince only in a fairy tale. But don't the transformations that occur with a frog during its life cycle demonstrate evolution? From a fish-like tadpole (even having a gill), a “baby frog” is quickly “transformed” into a completely new form in order to begin a radically new way of life! The mouth becomes wider, the tail dissolves, but an "elastic" tongue is formed for catching flies, and nostrils appear, and protruding eyes move to another place on the head. Finally, when the lungs finally ripen and the four legs grow, this mature tadpole celebrates its “coming of age” by jumping out of the water to live on land now.

This amazing transformation (metamorphosis) is far from being just external. Virtually all organs and systems of the body undergo a radical restructuring. one , 2 For example, a complete reconfiguration of the nervous system is needed to manage new or reprogrammed organs — eyes, ears, paws, tongue, etc. A similar reorganization should also occur at the biochemical level. Hemoglobin changes in the blood, 3 photosensitive pigment in the eyes, four besides many other changes. Even the excretory (excretory) system of the frog is changing in order to conform to the new way of life. five

Biologists are puzzled over the mega complexity of this “rebirth” that occurs in ordinary ponds. The frog basking on a sheet of a water lily is an amazing result of the many changes that occur consistently with amazing accuracy in the right order. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games simply fades in comparison with the “choreography” of the process of frog metamorphosis. The life of a tadpole would certainly have become more complicated if, for example, its tail had disappeared before the paws had grown. The same applies to its internal organs, bones, nervous system, biochemical processes, etc. Any failure can stall the whole process of reorganization of the body ... and lead to rather regrettable results (for a tadpole)!


Adrian bates   Translation: Alexey Kalko (   creationist

Very difficult program

The fantastically complex information encoded in the DNA, which allows the tadpole to turn into a frog, clearly indicates the Higher Mind, Who created it. Such a program cannot be formed in a natural way - it demonstrates the originally intended end result.

All steps are interconnected.

Years of research have found several levels of the processes necessary to accomplish this “transformation of life.” one For example, for the tail to disappear, precisely programmed micrologistics operations are necessary. First, the tadpole stops the formation of muscle cells of the tail. After that, it produces a series of highly specific enzymes that dissolve the cells of the tail.

Then, at the right moment, these "little killers" are connected and injected into the tail cells of all types. Finally, stray macrophages absorb these dead cells in order to reuse their components and nutrients in other parts of the body (that is, the tail is not discarded, but absorbed by the body).

“Change” does not mean “evolve”

So how justified is the statement that this is an example of “ evolution in action ”? Is the transformation of a tadpole into a frog a clear example of evolution?

Quite the contrary! Although the tadpole may look like a real "fish", it has been a frog since its birth. All that he needs for rebirth (that is, all the genetic information, diagrams and programs) is already embedded in the DNA code stored in the nuclei of the tadpole's cells. At this micro level, we find not only a complete development plan for the frog, but also a fully functional factory with all the necessary mechanisms and equipment to put this plan into practice.

The fish genome does not contain the information necessary to become an amphibian, and it has nowhere to get such information.

This embedded information is the key difference between the evolutionary tale (as if the fish evolved into an amphibian) and the real world (in which the tadpole turns into a frog). From the very moment of its birth, the tadpole is already equipped with a full set of instructions “how to turn yourself into a frog”. On the contrary, the fish contains genetic instructions only for "building" ... fish! The fish genome does not contain the information necessary to become an amphibian, and it has nowhere to get such information. In fact, it is doubtful that there is at least one indisputable example of how the evolutionary mechanisms introduced new information into the genetic plan of any creature.

Therefore, the metamorphosis of a tadpole in a frog is not a confirmation of evolution - on the contrary, it is another clear evidence of the filigree work of the creator god.

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But don't the transformations that occur with a frog during its life cycle demonstrate evolution?
Is the transformation of a tadpole into a frog a clear example of evolution?

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