Therapy. The procedure for the inspection procedure by the surgeon

  1. Who is a therapist and what is he capable of?
  2. How is the examination by the therapist?
  3. When a visit to the doctor can not be avoided ...
  4. How to choose a doctor?
  5. Preparation for examination by a surgeon
  6. The procedure for the inspection procedure by the surgeon
  7. Norm and pattern of inspection by a surgeon
  8. What does the therapist treat
  9. When to go to an appointment with a therapist
  10. What happens at the examination by a therapist
  11. Call therapist at home

Well, let's begin.

Who is a therapist and what is he capable of?

If you happen to call an ambulance at least once, you probably know that, after providing emergency care, doctors always recommend visiting this particular doctor. Any treatment begins with a therapist, because, according to the dictionary, he is an expert in pathology and disease. internal organs . And these include the brain, and respiratory tract, and heart, and stomach, and even the genitourinary system. If you have a fever or a sore throat for no reason, if a child coughs and sneezes or something goes in the chest, you should first go to that doctor or, when the situation is especially difficult, call the therapist at home.

How is the examination by the therapist?

As a rule, this specialist does not make final diagnoses. He only interrogates the patient, is interested in his general condition, complaints, measures pressure, counts the pulse, “listens” to the chest, gives general advice and recommendations and sends (if necessary) to another doctor with a narrower specialization, which is already engaged in treatment. Both the paid therapist in the private clinic and the doctor from the district hospital will conduct the examination in the same way: they will ask you to remove outer clothing or take off your clothes, apply a cool stethoscope to your chest to determine if there are wheezing in your lungs, ask a few questions and measure the pressure. If nothing serious is found and your diagnosis of acute respiratory infections or acute respiratory viral infections, it will be enough to drink vitamins, use antipyretic if necessary, and after a few days visit the medical institution again to get a certificate from the therapist confirming that you are healthy and ready to return to the team.

When a visit to the doctor can not be avoided ...

It will also be necessary to visit this doctor for all girls who have recently found out about their pregnancy, whether it will be a therapist or not - it does not matter. The main thing is that the doctor should be a qualified specialist and just a pleasant person, because the extra stresses are completely useless to expectant mothers. Usually, it is enough to look at the reviews about therapists in order to understand who should be avoided, and who is really competently able to lead your pregnancy.

How to choose a doctor?

Of course, from time to time it is worth looking at the reviews of therapists to anyone who plans to take care of their health. After all, it depends on how carefully the doctor treats you, what tests he prescribes and issues directions, and the outcome of your treatment or prevention will depend. Not enough experienced or qualified specialist can miss something or vice versa, it is in vain to scare. You should come to the doctor with a ready blood test, the result of fluorography and tests of urine and feces. Then he can literally “on the spot” orient and dispel your doubts or assign additional research.

In most cases, regular check-ups with the therapist help to identify the disease early and help get rid of it with a minimum of complications. Therefore, you should not ask the doctor for help only. By spending just a couple of minutes talking to a specialist, you can avoid serious trouble.

A full examination by a surgeon's doctor is necessary if conservative therapy did not give the desired results or its purpose is ineffective. In the competence of the surgeon - diagnosis, surgical treatment of pathologies and injuries.

Preparation for examination by a surgeon

Preparation for the procedure of examination at the surgeon depends on the location of the pathology and the specialization of the doctor.

At the reception it is recommended to come in comfortable clothes that are easy to take off. With the pathology of the abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space, the intestine must be empty. In diseases genitourinary system the bladder must be emptied.

How is a medical examination by a surgeon?

Survey of the surgeon begins with a survey. Medical history helps to determine the cause of the pathology, its pathogenesis and etiology.

Palpation will reveal visually indefinable abnormalities. For example, the increase or displacement of internal organs.

To confirm the diagnosis, additional instrumental and laboratory research . Open wounds and bruises rarely need additional diagnostics.

Based on the data obtained, the doctor determines the need surgical intervention and the method of its implementation.

What does the medical examination of a surgeon include?

Inspection of the surgeon is as follows:

  • survey;
  • visual examination of the body to identify abnormalities;
  • palpation examination;
  • auscultation - listening to sounds with a stethoscope;
  • percussion - tapping on the surface of the body to assess the emerging sounds.

survey;   visual examination of the body to identify abnormalities;   palpation examination;   auscultation - listening to sounds with a stethoscope;   percussion - tapping on the surface of the body to assess the emerging sounds

Additionally, a doctor prescribes a radiograph, tissue ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, laparoscopy. In the diagnosis of tumors - biopsy and histology.

The procedure for the inspection procedure by the surgeon

During the examination, the patient exposes the pathological part of the body. The doctor feels a certain part of the body in different positions of the patient.

Norm and pattern of inspection by a surgeon

Survey of the surgeon - the norm for planned and unscheduled operations . At the reception to the specialist you need to come after the operation according to the schedule.

Today, experts prefer endoscopic and laparoscopic operations. These technologies are less traumatic, rehabilitation periods after them are reduced by 2-3 times.

The therapist is a multidisciplinary specialist engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of human internal organs. Visiting this doctor is recommended when symptoms occur, indicating the presence in the body of any pathology, to persons over 18 years of age.

Often an appeal to a medical institution ends only with a visit to a therapist. If a specialist cannot make an accurate diagnosis or diagnoses a disease, the treatment of which is not within his competence, he gives the patient a referral to another doctor for an additional examination of the body, testing, etc.

What does the therapist treat

The list of duties of the therapist is unusually wide. This is primarily the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the following body systems:

  • respiratory;
  • digestive;
  • excretory;
  • circulatory.

The therapist is engaged in the treatment of diseases of the connective tissue (lupus erythematosus), blood (anemia), colds, diseases of the joints, back and spine, pathologies associated with metabolic disorders, treats chronic fatigue. The most frequent reason for contacting this specialist are infectious diseases viral and bacterial nature - influenza, acute respiratory viral infections, acute respiratory infections, bronchitis.

When the state of health worsens, it is rather difficult, and in many cases impossible, to make a diagnosis on your own, without resorting to official medicine . Only a qualified doctor can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment. If the patient does not know which specialist can help him, it is necessary to contact the therapist.

When to go to an appointment with a therapist

It is imperative to contact a doctor in the event of a sharp change in state of health for the worse, if there is suspicion of any pathology of the body It is imperative to contact a doctor in the event of a sharp change in state of health for the worse, if there is suspicion of any pathology of the body. You should make an appointment with a therapist if you experience these symptoms:

  • chronic fatigue that occurs regardless of the type of activity and occupation;
  • discomfort and / or pain in the region of the internal organs. For example, heaviness in the stomach after eating food, nausea, constant hunger, increased heart rate for no apparent reason, etc. Pain - one of the main signs indicating the presence of diseases of internal organs. The pain is cutting, aching, stabbing, boring, it can increase with physical exertion, at rest and is accompanied by fever, lack of appetite, dry mouth, thirst, frequent urging to the toilet. The appearance of such symptoms (one or several) is not the norm, therefore, it is a reason to consult a specialist, first of all, a therapist;
  • blurred vision, the appearance of a white veil before the eyes, frequent dizziness, fainting, and other symptoms indicating a disturbance in the activity of the nervous system;
  • memory impairment, attention disorder, chronic insomnia, trouble falling asleep, apathy, lack of interest in life;
  • general weakness of the body, loss of appetite, pallor of the skin, drowsiness.

Some symptoms may indicate diseases dangerous to a person’s life, should they turn to a general practitioner when they occur. Usually deadly pathologies are accompanied by:

  • weight loss, in other words, rapid weight loss. Sharp weight loss is a clear symptom of malignant neoplasms. digestive system , ovarian as well as anemia (anemia caused by iron deficiency in the body), anorexia. For example, such pathologies do not appear at all until a certain point in time. The only symptom that can be suspected for the patient in the early stages of the disease is losing weight without changing the diet and worsening of health in general;
  • strong against high temperature body. Similarly manifested meningitis - inflammation of the meninges. Meningitis occurs as an independent disease, often as a complication of a postponed upper respiratory tract infection. Unbearable headache occurs with aneurysm and cerebral hemorrhage;
  • black stools, vomiting blood. These are symptoms of perforation of stomach ulcers and stomach cancer;
  • speech disorders, weakness in the legs, loss of consciousness, dizziness, paralysis of the limbs. These manifestations indicate a stroke.

Women need to visit a therapist during pregnancy. The duties of this doctor are primarily to monitor the health of the expectant mother (controls the level of sugar, hemoglobin in the blood, blood pressure indicators, watches the woman gaining weight, etc.).

For the purpose of prevention, the therapist should be visited by persons with a genetic predisposition to the occurrence of certain diseases (for example, gastric ulcer), suffering from chronic pathologies (for example, hypertension, diabetes mellitus ), people aged after 40 years.

What happens at the examination by a therapist

The therapist is one of those specialists whose meeting with most people usually does not cause any negative emotions or fear. The first thing that the doctor does at the reception is that he listens to the patient's complaint about health and carefully asks him about certain symptoms. The therapist may be interested in such questions as: have you had any health complaints in the past, how old are you, have you had chronic diseases, how long have you been having unpleasant symptoms etc.

Further, depending on the specific complaints from the patient, the specialist can measure his blood pressure, listen to the chest, inspect the throat, and, if necessary, write out a referral for further examination and testing.

Call therapist at home

It is necessary to call the doctor in case of a sharp deterioration of health, if independent visits to the clinic are impossible. First of all, this applies to persons suffering from chronic diseases that sometimes require emergency care (for example, hypertension and heart failure). Today, in addition to providing medical care, a specialist at home can diagnose the disease, take tests for further research (blood and urine tests), and perform an ultrasound of the internal organs. If necessary, the doctor makes the decision to transport the patient to a medical facility.

Who is a therapist and what is he capable of?
How is the examination by the therapist?
How to choose a doctor?
Who is a therapist and what is he capable of?
How is the examination by the therapist?
How to choose a doctor?
How is a medical examination by a surgeon?
What does the medical examination of a surgeon include?

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